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Who We Are

We are a brand design studio that helps growing businesses develop a thoughtful brand to take them to the next level.

Sunnier Studio is a design playroom basking in the sunshine of San Diego, California. We're a group of artists who specialize in Branding and Visual Design for growing businesses, new brands and community-focused organizations. We know that starting a business can be messy; so let's have some fun getting into the weeds as we develop a thoughtful and cohesive brand identity.

What We Do


Strong brands are more than just a logo. We love working together to learn who you are and what makes your business tick. Your brand is your competitive advantage, so let’s define it together!

Brand DNA

Your Brand DNA sits at the root of your business. It's the foundation from which your whole brand grows. We believe this is the most important part of the branding process. Not only does it inform your brand’s visuals and strategy, but it also informs the direction your brand will grow. We'll work closely with you to help define and refine your Brand DNA so you can effortlessly share your brand with the world.

  • Mission / Purpose
  • Values
  • Personality

Brand Strategy

Every brand is different, so you deserve a brand strategy that aligns with celebrates the unique value you bring to your industry. We dedicate time and attention to getting to know your audience and the trends of your market. Through research and instinct, we'll craft the perfect messaging for your brand.

  • Competition Audit
  • Identity and Positioning
  • Messaging

Visual Identity

What does your brand look like? How does it feel to interact with all the different touchpoint of your brand? We'll help you build a closer relationship with your audience by creating an original visual system that makes your brand shine.

  • Logos and Marks
  • Color and Graphics
  • Typographic System

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Everything Else

Already have a stellar brand? Let’s bring it to life! We can build your website or design marketing materials that beautifully tell your story and highlight your products and services.

Digital & Web

We understand that a strong web presence is key. We'll create user-friendly websites, digital layouts and web designs that are just as functional as they are engaging!

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • E-commerce
  • Social Content

Print & Packaging

First impressions are everything. Whether it’s a brochure, your latest menu, or product packaging, we’re excited to get your brand into your customers’ hands!

  • Menus and Marketing Material
  • Product Packaging
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Lookbooks and Editorial

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